Monday, April 25, 2005

Tectonic Time Plates

My posting "How God Pushed Her Pencil" postulated that her favorite number was 137. In my posting "We’re All Groovy" I advanced the theory that 1 dimensional Time had to have Gravity as it was dragging the Universe apart on Tectonic Time plates . These Tectonic Time Plates probably are the root of the Dark Matter phenomena . The Gravity Number can’t be large because you and I wouldn’t be able to move on our tectonic plate. When you put it all together the Gravity Number has got to be 1/EXP(137) or 3.17435854 E -60. There is also another number very close to 137 and that number is 137.035991. This number, 137.035991, is the Fine Structure Constant. The Fine Structure Constant measures the strength with which subatomic particles interact with one another and with light. In other words, particles reacting with particles that aren’t literally resting on the Tectonic Time Plate but dancing above it. Einstein said that space-time is curved which means that the Tectonic Time Plates are also curved. Thus if we take the Fine Structure Constant (137.035991) and divide it by the Gravity Number (3.17436E-60) we get the amount of space curvature of the tectonic Time Plate which is 4.31697E+61. Pioneer 10, launched in 1972 and Pioneer 11 launched a year later is an example of this effect. There is something that is causing them to speed up. The resulting acceleration is tiny, less than a nanometre per second per second. That's equivalent to just one ten-billionth of the gravity at Earth's surface, but it is enough to have shifted Pioneer 10 some 400,000 kilometers off track compared to traveling on a flat surface. The acceleration is caused by the slight downward slope of the space time curvature of the Tectonic Time Plate carrying Pioneer 10 and 11. Pioneer 10 and 11 are also causing eddy currents which are warping the space-time surrounding them.

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