Wednesday, April 13, 2005

God Has Just Got To Rock

I’ve just finished a pant pant list of all those girls that never gave me a tumble. Even now, they send little waves up and down my spine. I can see each of them in my mind’s eye. Delightful, gorgeous creatures. They just never change over time. God has just got to rock. She has given you and I the ability to imagine anything and the ability to make anything happen in our imagination. Time is funny that way. We know when something starts and stops in Time, but Time never lets anything deteriorate. Everything in Time remains exactly the same. When you think about it maybe that is what Heaven is all about. Nothing deteriorates, and you can be anything, anywhere, even having versions of ourselves doing stuff in the same space at the same time. Time is the only space in which nothing deteriorates. Heaven knows, everything in the space in which you and I live deteriorates. Here we are little pieces of fluff, running around making waves and vibrating like hell. Maybe that is what our world really is, full of various particles , making waves and vibrating for all kinds of reasons .

1 comment:

Jane said...

I'd love to join you in your heaven... I'd get a thrill just making someones spine tingle for a second... Except I'm holding out for a prime angel spot or at least a cherub.