Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Trust, Love, & Underwear

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about love lately. Most blogs talk about that warm fuzzy feeling and how if you’re in love you back fill each other’s deficiencies so you both become one as in the words "stronger" and "complete". If you live long enough all your reproductive hormones will go up that romantic chimney along with that warm fuzzy feeling . You can no longer curl up on that fireplace rug because getting stiff from rheumatism is more painful than getting stiff from noxious fluids. Life begins to become routine, expressed love goes out the window and you and your significant other finally have the ability to finish each other’s sentences. The question now arises as to how do you adequately express your trust, devotion, and commitment commonly summarized as "love" to your significant other??? Routine is very important for harmony in a marriage. Communication is also very important in a marriage. Variation is to be avoided at all costs because your significant other will suspect that you’re up to something. True love and devotion can only be adequately expressed through your handling of your underwear. If you have ever done some serious thinking about women you will soon realize that they have a fixation about changing their underwear every day and are forever buying new underwear. Men, on the other hand, have a realistic view of underwear. I mean does underwear really need to be changed when only one side is soiled??? What about using the other side which is undoubtedly clean?? I grant you that if your underwear is ripped you might have to change it in 3 or 4 days but hell, where is your sense of adventure, man???? Soiled underwear is a an expression of a man’s eternal love for his significant other!!! It also provides a readily available topic of conversation when both you and your significant other run out of things to say to each other. How many times has a man been bugged about the length of time he has worn his favorite underwear continuously?? Underwear also expresses filial loyalty to your significant other because all women know that there is nothing more repugnant or alternately more repulsive than dirty underwear in a romantic situation!!! I mean, really, if you have ever watched those sex movies how many times have you seen the woman rip off a man’s underwear???? Usually, if you’re paying adequate attention, you will notice a man’s underwear is usually removed off camera. Need I say more to make my point??? Men are such considerate creatures. Willing to go that extra step to ruin their health for an eternal expression of "love" and "commitment. Men are Gods!!!

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