Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just Turn The Other Check

I got to thinking about God’s innate cleverness and the fact that things in life aren’t always what they seem to the casual observer. Take God’s son, Jesus Christ, for instance. He certainly wasn’t namby pamby because he threw the money changers out of the temple and died on the cross which wasn’t easy as we learned from a recent movie. I also suspect that Jesus knew exactly what was going to happen which made it even harder. In fact, there is a possibility that Christ’s forty days in the Wilderness was really a discussion with his father as to whether or not this was at all necessary. I mean, haven’t we all had discussions with our father about what he wants us to do in life and what we think we should do???? Acting vs. Business plus wealth for instance??? Sometimes I think God was extremely wise in not telling us when we’re going to die right down to the minute and hour. I mean could you handle it??? After all, there have been movies that have depicted the end of the earth and the invasion of aliens and everyone goes nuts!!! There is something about Jesus that has always bothered me and that was his advice to "Just Turn The Other Cheek". I mean, let’s face it, turning the other cheek seems to be really namby pamby!!! Why not slug the dickens out of the other guy and have all that instant gratification??? Turning the other cheek is the most effective method. Why you ask???? Turning The Other Check really messes with the other guy’s mind. If you add a smile and appear stupid in relationship to the other guy’s anger it really applies the pressure. I mean here we have the other guy blowing his stack, increasing his blood pressure and spending countless hours trying to think about ways to screw you. Something’s got to give and it is usually the other guy’s realization that he is wasting his time and you get to wear him out with no harm to you. Yea, Psychological Warfare!!!!

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