Saturday, June 25, 2005


Time is a form of energy. Gravitons are a form of energy. Gravitons, because they are a special form of energy, have the ability to attract particles without being attracted by particles. This imbalance creates a force called Gravity acting on the particle. Gravitons, as energy, repel each other which gives them the ability to be evenly spread throughout the universe. Gravitons, being energy, don’t have dimensions, weight or mass or electrical charge. If Gravitons had dimensions or mass or weight or electrical charge they would interact with each other and wouldn’t be Gravitons. Time is a special form of energy similar to Gravitons which also doesn’t have weight or mass or dimensions or electrical charge. Here’s how it works. Time, as energy, flows in an outward direction expanding this universe as it drags everything in this universe with it. Time, as energy, has the ability to tear everything apart causing it to deteriorate, grow old, stop working, fall apart or fall off. You and I, have an intuitive feeling as to how the system works. Time, as energy, can flow across dimensions like Gravitons. Time flows out of other dimensions and as soon as it enters this universe it attaches itself to everything and doesn’t let go. Time, as energy, then flows outward in this universe taking everything with it. Time extracts the energy from everything which means those things deteriorate, grow old, stop working, fall apart or fall off. Time and Gravitons are a form of Dark Energy which we can’t see, but do feel as a result of their actions on particles and events.

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