Saturday, June 04, 2005


Time has just got to be one of the most fascinating things in this universe with the possible exception of significant others. Time and significant others are the only thing in this world that we sense as having only one dimension because of the way it / they affects / affect us. Time, unlike significant others, carries us in a forward direction . Sure we can imagine yesterday but we can’t physically return to yesterday. If Time carries us in a forward direction than it must have something equivalent to Gravity as we can’t escape the effects of Time. For lack of a better idea I’ll call it Time Field Gravity. I see Time as a 1 dimensional Plate on which everything including you and I, float during our lives. In my last posting I advanced the proposal that God’s favorite number in round figures was 137. Since Time has a certain randomness about it then it must be associated with "e" or 2.718281828 which is a never ending pseudo random figure mathematically. Time Field Gravity must be a small value because if it wasn’t you and I couldn’t do anything on our individual floating Time Plate. Therefore when everything is considered the value of the Time Field Gravity is 1/exp^ (137) or 3.17436E-60. Time Plates, in general, must have a repulsive force because everyone and everything including events on them seem to be drifting away from each other. In other words people and events come and go in our lives. For instance the universe which is also on a Time Plate is expanding!! Since it wouldn’t do for us to fall off our individual Time Plates while banging into each other, it seems to me the Time Field Repulsive Force has to be 1.01043E-60. This figure is 3.17436E-60 divided by Pi, (3.141592654) which is another pseudo random number mathematically.

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Jane said...

Dear Alex,

It is a very interesting idea... You lost me at the numbers part but I love the comparison between Significant Others and Time - time also leads us to those signifacant others, and they in some ways can make time stop just for a moment... And though you can't return to the physical yesterday or the day before, or the month, or two years I think you can achieve some sort of sense of it...