Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Gravitons are something that causes everything in this universe to have gravity but what are they in a physical sense???? Gravitons appear to be a special form of energy. This form of energy we will call Gravitons. Gravitons, because they are energy, have the ability to attract particles without being attracted by particles in a physical sense. This imbalance creates a force called Gravity. Gravitons, as energy, repel each other which gives them the ability to be evenly spread throughout the universe. Gravitons, being energy, don’t have dimensions, weight or mass or electrical charge. If Gravitons had dimensons or mass or weight or electrical charge they would interact with each other and wouldn’t be Gravitons. Gravitons are similar to Time which also doesn’t have weight or mass or dimensions or electrical charge. Time is a special form of energy that only flows in the outward direction dragging everything with it. Think of having a bag of Gravitons. They can’t be detected by any known method. You only know they are present because of their influence on other particles. These Gravitons, as energy, have the ability to attract other particles but not themselves. This attraction is about 1/e^(137) or 3.17436E-60 / Graviton. The Gravitons also have a repulsive force that repels other Gravitons, as energy. This repulsive force between Gravitons is about (1/e^(137)) / Pi or 1.01043E-60. The Gravitons also have the ability to travel across dimensions. Pour the bag of Gravitons into a 3 dimensional universe with Time as the 4th dimension. You will see that they will space themselves equally apart forming a lattice in a 3 dimensional box. The Graviton’s attractive force for other particles forms the equivalent of Time Field Gravity and their repulsive force forms the equivalent of Time Field Force. The Gravitons are Lorentz’s Aether.

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