Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Time

Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Dark Time existed on the other side of creation. Dark Time was the original string in String Theory. Dark Time has Dark Matter and Dark Energy on the string. To add to the mix Randomness or the Possibility Principle existed in the zero dimensions before creation. The Possibility Principle meant that everything had the possibility of existing under arbitrary possibility rules . The Possibility Principle meant that Dark Time, Dark Energy and Dark Matter had completely random properties and laws. There was no uniformity for anything, anywhere. The Possibility Principle hiccuped causing Dark Time to unravel creating Forward Directional Time, Back and Forth Space, Force, Energy and our dimensions. Directional Time, Space, Force, Energy became separate sets in our universe with interconnecting ranges and mathematical relationships. Directional Time, in our universe, has a randomizing function caused by the expansion of the Universe as per Stephen Hawking. We visualize the opposite direction of Time or negative direction of Time as "yesterday" but can't physically travel in that direction. The "Holes of Creation" with Dark Time on the other side weren't sealed after the Big Bang. Dark Time allows everything to exist without change and at the same time. Dark Time is the basis of Christianity’s concept of God and Eternity because nothing deteriorates and it lasts forever. Conceivably anything can exist behind the "Holes of Creation". If our universe was perfect we would have Dark Time which would allow us to be everywhere at once and see everything at once as well as enabling us to go backwards and forwards time wise. This means that as the "Holes Of Creation" were never "sealed" after the Big Bang we have the ability to see behind the open "Holes of Creation" on a quantum level. Any generated "ripple" on our side which "penetrated" the "Holes Of Creation" on a quantum level would send "Properties" of the other side's disturbance through to us. We would see these "Properties" as various quantum effects and "strangeness". We can't explain some of the weird effects because some of the foreign "Laws" on the other side of the "Holes of Creation" don't change immediately at the entrance to our universe and therefore are seen by us as "strangeness" at the quantum level.

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