Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dark Matter

Dark Matter and Time seem to have a lot in common. Neither Time nor Dark Matter respond to any external stimulation or devised test. We know that something exists similar to the effects of "Light" Matter which we can see and manipulate because if Dark Matter didn’t exist the universe would fall apart. In fact, this "something" that we call Dark Matter, for lack of a better term, is about 90% of our universe. Time which we can’t see is 100% of our universe. Our seen universe consists of particles, strings and waves. Particles are single elements with various names to describe them like, boy, girl, electron etc. Particles get together and form strings. For instance boys and girls get together to form groups or strings of friends. Electrons get together in strings and form currents. The waves are the result of these groups of friends (strings) doing something with the various groups of friends (strings) that they meet in life. Similarly electron strings combine with other electron strings to run motors, carry information, sense things etc.. Particles have to vibrate in some way to form strings and waves. If we can’t find any Dark Matter particles, strings or waves then it stands to reason that Dark Matter has to be something else. In my posting on Time I postulated that Time has got to be a Plate. If Time is a Plate it carries particles, strings and events around on it. Since Time appears to be one dimensional then Dark Matter must be the one dimensional material from which the Time Plate is constructed. To take it one step further the Plates have to be stackable or layered which means that Time for all intents and purposes has to extend into other dimensions. Therefore it stands to reason that Dark Matter extends into other dimensions which we can’t see because we are maxed out at 3 dimensions. We can, however, feel the effects of other dimensions. The best example of this phenomena is the study of quantum mechanics where we can see the left over trails of processes but not the original moving particle.

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