Saturday, June 11, 2005

Teacher / Organizer

When you think about it, God has just got to be the greatest teacher / organizer around. The world’s religions are all different, but I’m willing to bet that your religion / belief system has a set of behaviour rules associated with it. I, being Christian, have the 10 Commandments. 10 simple rules to follow. What could be simpler??? There’re also lots of stories in the Bible to give us a visual and coherent way of remembering what happens if we step out of line or find it difficult to interpret the 10 Commandments. She has given us language which is forever changing and expanding so we can narrow down concepts through our choice of words. Dork and Nerd are typical examples of these changes and narrow concepts. Most things, in principle, are the same. In business, you have to have a good product, that is competitive, that satisfies the needs of the market. If you’re looking for love, you have to have a good product that is competitive, and that satisfies the needs of the market. You have to do market research. Is there a need for your product??? Is that particular market segment overcrowded??? Should you be a niche player??? What product characteristics are most likely to appeal to the consumer. For instance, good looks, humour and empathy seem to be popular with the consumer. If your product is average looking, can you shift the emphasize to a characteristic that the other products lack to a greater degree??? Is your product relatively maintenance free?? Nothing could be simpler.


Jane said...

She's quite a trickster that god of yours... So smart too - does she make everyone fate too? or is just random?

Nurse Mia said...

I like how you seem so comfortable in your religious beliefs that you can be humorous too.