Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pick Up Tips

Let’s face it men don’t have a clue about "pick - up" potential as far as woe-man are concerned. If you have ever had a sister you will realize that woe-man are next to impossible to figure out much less understand in any meaningful way. Nothing is 100% sure because even from the following list one of these Belles may ring your clangor. Most men, however, will find it advantageous to avoid the following combos:

A nose ring attached to bifocals by a string so you won’t lose your glasses

Spiked hair interspersed between bald spots

A pierced tongue supporting loose dentures

Miniskirt and support hose held up by garters

Sandals seemingly garnished with corn pads

A belly button ring with a gall bladder surgery scar accent.

Unbuttoned disco shirt with an inside heart monitor pocket

Midriff shirts with midriff bulge trim

Pierced nipples on a nude beach that hang below the waist

A Bikini clashing with liver spots

Short shorts not matching your varicose veins

Sporty In-line skates supplemented by a Walker for safety

A sexy Thong over Depends in case of an accident.


Anonymous Poet said...

Thanks for sharing. Duly noted.

Sk8RN said...

This list is hysterical. Though I have to say - many of these things would not be surprising to see in San Francisco. In this city, everyone stays hip, even into their seventies. I've seen sixty-somethings with manic-panic in their hair and stretchers in their ears. I find it rather charming actually.