Thursday, June 23, 2005

Planet Surfers

Planets were the original surfers. Here’s how it worked using Gravitons. Gravitons, because they are a special form of energy, have the ability to attract planets without being attracted by planets. This imbalance creates a force called Gravity acting on the planet. Gravitons, as energy, repel each other which gives them the ability to be evenly spread throughout the universe. Gravitons, being energy, don’t have dimensions, weight or mass or electrical charge. If Gravitons had dimensions or mass or weight or electrical charge they would interact with each other and wouldn’t be Gravitons. Gravitons are similar to Time which also doesn’t have weight or mass or dimensions or electrical charge. Time is a special form of energy that only flows in the outward direction dragging everything with it. Think of having a bag of Gravitons. These Gravitons, as energy, have the ability to attract other particles but not themselves. Gravitons also have the ability to travel across dimensions. This attraction is about 1/e^(137) or 3.17436E-60 / Graviton. The Gravitons also have a repulsive force that repels other Gravitons. This repulsive force between Gravitons is about (1/e^(137)) / Pi or 1.01043E-60. Pour the bag of Gravitons into a 3 dimensional box with Time being the sides of the box. You will see that they will space themselves equally apart forming a lattice in the 3 dimensional box. Put a planet in the box. You will see that the planet will warp the Graviton Lattice creating a cup around the planet in the shape of a brassiere cup. The warping of the Graviton Lattice will provide the planet with its’ gravity. The Gravitons, however, as energy, repel each other which gives them the ability to be evenly spread throughout the universe. The Gravitons start to repel themselves from around the planet which causes a temporary downward slope underneath the planet which causes it to roll or spin. This downward roll or spin causes the planet to oscillate or arc or wobble in its’ orbit by a fraction of a degree. This roll or spin or arc or wobble causes Gravitons in the direction of the roll to deform forming other brassiere cups. The warped Graviton Lattice behind the now traveling planet is filled in by Gravitons coming from other dimensions. Therefore it can be seen that the planet is traveling down a tunnel formed by a Graviton Wave which is being filled in behind by Gravitons from another dimension. This is similar to surfers traveling down the slope of a water wave pipe being filled in behind by the water of the wave cutting over the surfer!!

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