Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Law Of Threes and Discussions

Think of a discussion as dividing a Bell Curve into three parts. The middle 1/3rd is where all the reasonable pro and con intellectual points for your discussion are situated. The top 1/3rd is where the extreme exceptions to your reasoned points lie and the bottom 1/3rd is where all the personalized slagging points lie if the middle and top 1/3rds can't help you. Most discussions start out in the middle 1/3rd of the Bell Curve with each side taking a pro or con position. When that well runs dry you move into the upper 1/3rd with the pro and cons taking the extreme examples to prove their pro or con argument. If that fails and the pro and con positions become hardened you then move into the bottom 1/3rd. Here the personalized summations of the other debaters character are discussed. If that fails try to get the other person off topic. If all else fails walk away or turn of the "anonymous" section of your Blog.

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