Wednesday, June 02, 2004


What is love? When we are young love is a 3 dimensional experience which is generally defined in terms of what we can see in 3 dimensions such as a gorgeous body, a smart car, or a good job. True and lasting love involves your soul which may be an entirely different kettle of fish when compared to a 3 dimensional body you occupy for a relatively limited time. Love is a marriage of one soul with another soul or in short a soulmate. There are 3 kinds of relationships. The first one is acquaintances who are people that you have met but have never graduated to become friends. Friends are obvious but what is the difference between a very good friend and a soulmate? Obviously you will do a lot of the same things for a friend that you will do for a soulmate so where’s the difference? To keep it simple the "tingle" for lack of a better word. If you can find someone that you want to be with through thick and thin and someone who has "Je ne sais pas quoi" then it is likely you have someone who is a little more than at the high end of your "friends" spectrum and hence a soulmate.


Anamika said...
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Catherine said...

true and lasting love = selfless sacrifices?The question as opposed to many soulmates could there be in one's life/at one time?