Monday, June 07, 2004

Who Designed This Place Etc..???

We are Bloggers from all over the world from different cultures, beliefs, life experiences and a whole lot of other "whatevers". I’m not so much interested in whether or not who has the "better" culture, belief, life experiences or "whatever" but rather how did "whatever" design this place?? I mean when we drink water it is always water and never water one day and acid the next day. If you were to design a world for the sake of argument wouldn’t it be easier to design it from one basic template and then introduce a randomizing factor so everything is "different" at first glance? I thought it would be a neat idea to explore this idea and in future Blogs I intend to do it. Stay tuned!!

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jqln said...

I think you're a bit unclear as to what you mean by things looking "different at first glance" by some randomizing factor. Everything is different, but the basic blueprint by which we exist is information embedded in DNA and RNA that is passed along though time, and before then, some other means of reproduction. The randomizing factor for mutations is very minimal. Randomization shouldn't be the sole foundation by which a thing is designed.