Saturday, June 26, 2004

Management Tectonics

If we imagine that a management problem is similar to a tectonic plate floating around on a sea of liquid unknowns similar to a tectonic plate holding the continent, people, and their ideas then what ideas should be on the tectonic plate in order to solve any problem??

Here are the ideas:

1. Define the problem beyond motherhood statements.
2. What exactly needs to be done in precisely stated points?
3. Is what exactly needs to be done in harmony with what is right for the business?
4. What is the action plan in terms of a stated series of steps.
5. Who carries the can in terms of the decisions to be made as circumstances change?
6. Remember that the world in which we live is chaos driven so plans have to be capable of alteration to deal with unforeseen events.
7. Who carries the communication can?
8. Circumstances may change, so stay alert for opportunities that might arise because of the problem.
9. For problem ownership think "we" instead of "I".

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