Wednesday, June 16, 2004

How Blogging Just Might Save The World

There is a possibility that Blogging might just save the world. If you take a look at the old Bell Curve and divide it into thirds you will find that about 2/3rd of the area is in the middle and about 1/6th of the area is at either end. Our "betters" occupy the top 1/6th . The bottom 1/6th are those people that are worse off than the middle 2/3rd for a variety of reasons which won’t be discussed in this blog. The middle 2/3rd is the fabled middle class which everyone likes to talk about. The chief function of the top 1/6th is to control the middle class through economics, organized religion, and opinion. Economics, organized religion and opinion are The Gang of 3 a natural grouping which I alluded to in my Blog "Our Universe Is Brought To You By The Number 3". I’ll leave economics and organized religion out of this blog and discuss "opinion". Classical "opinion" is brought to you by those who control the media through economics and their employees that have the ability to write, the willingness to met their "mark" on cue, and the coherent thinking to fill the allotted column space. (Gang of 3 again). The media which brings the "message" has a limited circulation. Effective Communication is influenced by 3 things if we ignore the mechanics of communication for this blog. The old Gang of 3 consists of eyeballing, qualification, and the groupie syndrome.


99% of our initial information is concerned with eyeballing. The "buff" boy on the street, the girl with "Je ne sais quoi", the well dressed man / woman ---- Anyway you get the picture.

Qualifications: Why should I listen to you if you are not equivalent to me???

Groupie: Why should I listen to you if you are not part of my (interest) group, occupation, social class etc.???

Enter Blogging !!! Blogging doesn’t have to reveal anything about you other than what can be gleaned through your use of the written language. Hence no eyeball problems. Qualifications are only revealed vicariously through what I write. Groupie?? Who can tell?? If I’m reasonable clever I can duplicate the patois of any generation. Blogging is economically cheap, only the cost of a connection. Blogging means I don’t have to toe any "mark" on cue providing I have the minimal acceptable social writing graces. Blogging is world wide. Blogging is interactive. I can personally comment on anything written by people or even contact them directly or even (heavens to Betsey) tell them they are off the mark or on the mark.

What Might You Accidentally Learn:

1. People all come from the same Template with the same wants, desires, opinions, ideas, hope tailored to their own culture, environment etc..
2. It is awfully hard to get mad at someone you "like."
3. The upper 1/6th treat us like mushrooms. You know keep the middle 2/3rd in the dark and feed us B.S..

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singlegalnyc said...

Hi there,
Whoa that's a bit heavy for 4 in the morning.
However, you should take a look at The Tipping Point, a great book on marketing/sociology. Very cool stuff.