Friday, May 28, 2004

The Law Of Threes

I am developing a theory called The Law Of Threes which essentially states that everything including events tries to stabilize around the prime number 3. The "prime" stability number 3 forms a natural triangle attractor within our four dimensional universe . For instance, usually 3 well known people die in sequence over a short span of time. If you have something relatively disconcerting happen in your life it generally ends up being 3 things in a row. The 3 sided triangle is the strongest structure and is used to construct a geodesic dome. For the mathematically inclined EXP(1) = 2.718281828) and Pi (3.141592654)are close to the number 3 to one "significant" digit. If you are presenting an argument or making a speech it is usually 3 major points. If you make a speech there are 3 sections: Tell them what you are going to say, Say it, Tell them what you just said.

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smart-alecky said...

OMG that's a hell of an observation.
I still remeber, when the whole world mourned, it was Princess Diana then Mother Teressa then third one I don't remeber. But to nearest significant digits ;) it works!