Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Really, Is That Yours????

Due to technical difficulties beyond my control there is a 99.99% probability that I will never have children. I won’t say 100% because I read somewhere that anything is possible providing you (pick your poison). For some unaccountable reason I’ve been hitting a lot of child rearing blogs written by people that seem to be getting their knickers in a knot over child rearing. It would seem to me that the reason for raising children is to prepare them for the future. The most important and often neglected aspect of child raising is while we concentrate on keeping them clean and well fed it has very little resemblance to reality in the business and social relationship world beyond the basics such as being "nice". By the way in passing the greatest put down is saying " He / she is nice!!" My child raising principles come from "The Why Bother ???" school of thought. My beliefs are rooted in the "Urchin Philosophy" of the 19th (1800's)century. Essentially let the little beasts do what they want, dress them in rags, expose them to dirt to increase their immunity and generally ignore them so they are well adjusted by the time they enter the business world, find lovers and do all those other fine things we tout as civilized behaviour.


Jane said...

Very amusing - i used to once think the same thing as you but then I think why deprieve myself of having a little one to torture with a name like Igby - the ultimate "vanity project"... I wouldn't count your chances out yet you never know when you might meet someone-

city rocker said...

read what k-punk (amazing philosophy writing) has to say about child rearing!

Jane said...

Dear Alex,

you have no idea what your comment meant to me. Boy did you get him right, I doubt he would've ever verbalized that thought - but I would know for sure.

thank you