Friday, February 25, 2005

Yeah, Baby!!!!

I was watching a baby eating and suddenly realized that a baby holds all the hints we require for success. A baby has sucking, slurping ,drooling and pooping skills. I mean, lets get real, in order to be successful you have to suck up to anyone that can affect your progress / career. How many lies have you told to advance your goals???? Slurping is just an unrefined way of ego stroking your superior whatever which is necessary for success as we are all a bag of insecurity. Drooling tells everyone that baby has goals and objectives in life. How many times have you drooled over something / someone??? Random pooping is a precursor to general sloppiness which gives your manager, superior, lover, a warm feeling of purpose in a chaotic and random world. Even our music gets involved. Isn’t there even a song out there with the words "Sucking up is hard to do"????

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