Thursday, July 15, 2004

True Love

True love is selfless love. Without interfering with anyone’s beliefs, culture, etc. the only person that can give you true selfless love is God because he / she is the only one who is 100% "soul". All you have to do is ask !! Selfless love won’t cost you a thing but after awhile you might get the urge to pass it on. If this urge should occur God might ask you to do something for him / her . He / she may not tell you outright but, hey, a little sweat equity into something worthwhile is not a bad thing. The rest of us mortals, are part "soul" and part three dimensional occupants of a 3 dimensional world which is basically deteriorating over time. Since everything is deteriorating then sometimes we fall short of selfless love because of aches, pains, tiredness, disease etc. and unexpected events that may plague us out of nowhere. Thus when the rubber hits the road "Love for a man / woman means tolerance and patience ,just like to a little child" .

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