Saturday, July 17, 2004

Deja Vu

I got up today with the horrible thought that everything is always the same but it just seems different because we use different words and phrases to describe things. In other words we are living in a swamp called Deja Vu populated with eventful alligators which sometimes bite us on the proverbial ass just to be mean. Here’s an example. Most of us are going to be parents someday or are parents now, or have been parents. Some of us may never be parents, but will be managers of either our personal lives or maybe even managers of subordinates. Anyway you get the point. Here is a view of the American Election written in parental terms. The United States, God Bless Them, have become accidental parents to the world whether they like it or not. I don’t know how it happened as parenthood is a mysterious happening beyond my simple mind. I’m not very good at history but didn’t previous parenting go like this: Spain in the 1500’s, Britain from about 1600 - 1950 up to the political dissolution of the Commonwealth although Commonwealth membership may still exist??? In fact I seem to recall that the United States was very naughty somewhere in the 1700’s with their fight for independence somewhat along what the Iraqui’s are doing today. The United States probably used the same methods commensurate with the available technology of the 1700’s. I suspect that the British soldier in 1700 wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about going over to America to fight uncivilized natives in awful surroundings when compared to cultured Britain and its’ obvious benefits. In other words I don’t think that people have changed much over the millania. Parents also cannot abandon their children even if you are sick to death of them and they are collectively driving you batty. To continue the analogy doesn’t the child think that his parents are the worst abomination on earth and hopelessly out of touch with reality??? Like it or not, it seems to me in its’ simplest terms President Bush is stuck in the role of the parent and since there is no parenting manual it’s learn on the run and feverently hope for the best or even better yet guess right for the long term. The Kerry / Edwards ticket plays the role of the "parental expert" which has lots of advice, such as Let America be America Again,, do everything faster, quicker, more humane, at least accurately, or even let the children find their own way on their own again. Same old, same old again, the expert providing guidance on something without having any real world hands on experience beyond academia known collequally as the Congress and / or Senate.


north of the border said...

I married a Canadian (I'm from the US) anyway the other night we rented The Patriot (all about the militia groups during the American Revolution) When it was over my husband said "I don't get it!" I had to laugh. Your right. Nothing has really changed. It's the same old story being repeated over and over, just with different faces, names and battlegrounds.

Eddie said...

I object to your comparison of the fight for independence from British rule that took place in the 1700's in what is now the eastern United States with the terrorism that is currently taking place in Iraq. The British heavily taxed the colonies without allowing them representation in the government or even the ability to rule themselves. The purpose of the terrorists in Iraq is not to protest taxation of them by the United States (it is not occuring). Nor is it to become self governing. The very purpose of the United States going to Iraq in the first place is set up a government ruled by the Iraqis. The American Revolutionary fighters were people from the colonies who wanted to set up a free country in that region, governed by the people who lived there. By contrast many, if not most, of the terrorists in Iraq are foreigners who want to disrupt and prevent a free country governed by the people from that region from arising. If one Iraqi blogger ( is to be believed, and I see no reason not to believe him, the current unrest in Iraq is part of a power grab by the Iranians which sees the current situation in Iraq as an opportunity to expand its influence in the region.

Anonymous said...

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