Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I have been reading a lot of blogs and most of them seem to concern relationships. One of the major problems seems to be how do you know if a relationship is going anywhere? Well, if a young lady hears any one of, or multiples of the following from a gentleman than there is room for serious doubts:

1) I love you.
2) I won't do anything to hurt you.
3) I respect you.
4) I like spending time with you.
5) I'm not seeing anyone else.
6) I wouldn’t / won't lie to you.
7) I've been checked (for name your poison) and I'm clean.
8) I have never cheated on anyone.
9) I’m always sincere.
10) I’ve never known anyone like you.

These are obviously comic book responses from an acquaintance / friend that has other things on his mind. On the other side of the fence if a young lady says "Let's Be Friends" the young gentleman has just been hit by an euphemism which means "Go away as fast as possible without causing any social bloodshed and preferably before my friends realize I made a mistake."


outofdate said...

it is not as simple as you think...:)

Elizabeth said...

So, in your opinion, at what point should a woman believe any of these things said - never? Or only after some time as passed in which she has not yet busted him in any lies/deceit/betrayal?

Because I really want to find the man who can say these things (when appropiate) to me and actually be sincere about unless they are saying they love me within the first month (yeah right, buddy) and/or obviously trying to just get me to bed, then why wouldn't I believe what he is saying?