Saturday, July 03, 2004

If You Were God

If you were God for the sake of argument and you knew that the top 1/6th of humanity was controlling the other 5/6th ‘s of humanity including the 4/6th ‘s of humanity consisting of the Middle Class through the use of economics, organized religion, and opinion what would you do to break the monopoly?? Why not let everyone deal direct?? Let’s see. If we are made in the "image" of God then the reverse is also true that God is the same as our "image". Thus it follows that our relationship to God is no worse or better than a relationship to any living, dynamic and wildly creative person. There is nothing that prevents us from having God as a personal friend and to talk to him / her directly without intermediaries. If you want to take it a step further and give God first "dibs" just remember it doesn't automatically mean a nice house, riches, and lots of "neat" friends. It also means that you might be called upon to put some sweat equity into the relationship through the use of your brain with a lot of hard thinking and questioning. God also thinks long term well past your lifetime so it doesn't necessarily mean you will know what part you played in God’s drama. This is the basis of "faith" because you can’t see the future and you are dependent on someone that doesn’t necessarily tell you what is going on. Anyone for a wild yet interesting ride??


Daniel Francis said...

God does take people for funny rides, but he does all the driving himself. People are merely the passengers. God probably doesn't need middlemen like organized religions to introduce him to people. He probably knows who he likes and makes himself known to them when he sees fit. He likely gives them good work to do that his subjects can't possibly mess up when he chooses to, which as you said probably means people may not know the meaning of their life until they're at the end. Additionally, God has probably not chosen organized religions to serve as "bouncers" for the heaven club, which is good news for the lower 5/6 of the population.

Daniel Francis said...
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