Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Just Deal With The Top

I was reading about how to complain intelligently the other day. The contents of that piece was generally along the lines of "Just deal with the top". It sort of makes sense, because if you deal with anyone under the top the leader has to support his staff or they will stop making decisions and the organization will go to pot. It got me to thinking about God. Why not contact him directly??? God knows full well what is coming down the pipe and what he / she chooses to tell you / do with you isn’t filtered through any subordinates. Sometimes God doesn't answer, because the question is something that you can work out for yourself. Sometimes if you happen to think about something you want to do and God thinks it’s a good idea he / she will set you off on a series of events to make it so. Other times, if you are in a mess he / she will get you out of it with a little sweat equity on your part to remind you not to do it again. Of course, he / she does not come down and say, "Here is your itinerary for the day". Naturally, you can always say no to God because you have "free will" but then again where else can you have a wild, yet interesting ride??


The Mountain Girl News said...

Isn't it amazing how prayer does just that? Connect you with the Top.

So, when is your book due out? :D


jqln said...

god sets off a series of events? what happened to the voice in "how was the universe designed"? i think that intuition and logical thinking go a long way towards dealing with unfavorable circumstances, and that the way these things work may just be beyond our capacity to consciously calculate.

John B. said...

I's like to address something I think implicit in jacqlin's comment.
I admire your intellectual inquisitiveness, and I've very much enjoyed reading your responses to posts I've written, but I'm curious as to why you don't respond to those who respond to you. The development of one's ideas should also recognize (and explore and, if possible, reconcile) apparent inconsistencies between and among them. Nor does that development occur in a vacuum; it requires dialogue in order for those ideas to gain strength for you yourself. You've tested and refined them rather than just posited them. Thus, they acquire real value for you as opposed to sounding something like your Thought for the Day.

The Mountain Girl News said...

Hmmm, I'm not exactly sure what you meant Alex when you responded to The News. Send me an email for clarification. I think I know what you mean, but if you're referring to The News, just drop me an email about that too. My address is there on the front page. :D

Hope to hear from you soon.