Saturday, November 03, 2007


Excluding time, we all live in three dimensional space and everything in our three dimensional space involves three primary things like our 3 dimensions length , width and height. Particles, strings and frames are the basic names for everything that exists in our universe. Particles are us. Strings are energy. Frames are our patterns. Patterns can be our personality / behavior. Imagine writing a report for work. You start out with a blank page / frame to fill with particles ( letters / numbers ) to make sentences ( strings of energy conveying ideas (force)) within a frame ( pattern - introduction, middle, end ). In life everything cycles through order, chaos, restoration / resurrection. You start with a first draft. Order begins in your mind and you start to type. The more you type chaos rears its’ ugly head. First it is limited because you start with typos. Next your facile ideas start to disintegrate because you suddenly think of this or that exception. Resurrection / restoration has begun. Finally order is successfully restored when particles / strings / frames all come together in the ultimate pattern!!!! That, my friends / readers is the essence of life!!!!