Friday, November 30, 2007

Just A Thought

Most people only use Time as an event marker as in "Such and such happened here". Since Time only moves outward in only one direction, it seems to me that it only has one dimension. Physically, we all move outward. We can’t move backward in Time except through memory. Memory is very unique. If we were particularly close / in love with someone and he / she are now gone, our memory glamorizes his / her virtues and ignores / forgets the downsides / history of the relationship. Frequently, we go through a litany of would of’s, could of’s and should of’s. All completely normal. The downside of all this reverse emoting is that the grieving person is more interested in penance for some perceived indiscretion, stupidity on their part. Whether or not any indiscretion or stupidity on their part did in fact exist is a mute point. Perhaps the now gone person pulled the plug on the relationship through their own stupidity, but you and I inherit the guilt because God / Fickle Finger Of Fate moved that person permanently and physically away from our reach. Life is full of all kinds of choices and paths. Most of our choices and paths are accidental.. While we can make a conscious decision to go in one direction, there is no guarantee our choice is right in terms of benefits. Perhaps most of our life’s paths aren’t all that great because the universe cycles through order, chaos, resurrection / redemption. Sometimes God drafts us into something for her purpose and isn’t exactly thrilled when our choices cause her a gigantic headache. I sense that sometimes God gets so vexed at what we’ve done, that she removes the impediment so we can get on with the things God wants us to do during our life. Just a thought!!!.

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