Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Who Made It So????

It occurred to me that past is memory. We can’t change what has past. Some Wit said "Past is prologue" but my Financial Adviser ( bless her ) tells me that past performance doesn’t predict future performance. My investments have a handle on that concept but it continues to elude me. I tend to go with her statement because anyone that has been married long enough for ennui to set in can readily grasp that insight at least where sex is concerned. On the other hand, ennui doesn’t apply to house cleaning. Go figure!!! The present is Slices Of Now. If you have ever had the misfortune to study Calculus you will readily see it’s chock full of slices which you are either slicing again or reassembling to figure out whether things are coming together of not ( think sets / love / romance / all that icky stuff ). Same principle as life!!! Future is statistical. You obviously have lots of choice when you think of the future as in the universal marriage question "How have you planned your day????" Think "work" here!!! Statistics takes a small sample ( history / old news / world shenanigans etc.) and applies it to a large population ( the old future ). Statistics even throws in math to give you that warm fuzzy feeling that you are actually doing something organized / meaningful / intelligent and not that dreaded guessing!!! Sometimes, of course, something completely wonderful / unexpected happens and that future perfect which you didn’t think was going to ever happen becomes Present Perfect in all its’ glory!!! Just don’t mess up the surrounding energy fields with a lot of stray thought or worst of all annoy God who " Made it so".

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