Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Positive Thoughts, Frames, Triangles & Balance

We, and everything in this universe exists in a series of individual triangles whose sides are one side of a Time, Gravity or Space Frame. Our chief function, among other things, is to maintain a balance between all three frames. We do this juggling act by maintaining our life in balance. A space frame provides us with dimensions in which to exist. A gravity frame’s function is to hold us / things in place. A time frame’s function is to provide a future and room for us to grow. As time moves forward, stresses / distortions appear in the triangles in the form of changes such as aging, deterioration, randomness or chaos. This happens because energy is taken out of the time frame to expand the universe thereby providing us with a future. This removal of energy causes the time side of the triangle to distort which, in turn causes us and everything else to loose its’ balance / position in the center of the triangle. We must therefore readjust our position / balance within the triangle. Sometimes, we cause our own stresses by obsessing over some problem causing a greater distortion than usual. The key to balance in our personal triangle is to control the surrounding energy fields by thinking positive thoughts at every opportunity.

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