Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Organized Fumbling

God ain’t interested in doing a lot of unnecessary / repetitive work so here is one of her designs so you and I can fumble our way through life without bothering her!!! All living things have a Soul. All inanimate things have a Spirit. Life is built on patterns. We mange our lives by looking for exceptions to the patterns. If you don’t believe me try writing down / keeping a mental note of why you notice something. Many years ago there used to be a management philosophy called Management By Exception. Little did the proponents realize they were talking about one of the fundamentals of life.


just a blow up doll said...

first of i would like to ask why you feel "god" is a female.

patterns are one of the few things i do not understand... especially the entire cause and effect thing... i would like to change the effect one day.

Alex said...

Here's an ancient post about why I think God is a woman:

I Don’t Care What You Say God Is Definitely A Woman

God, of course, can be anything he / she wants to be but as far as our little three dimensional universe is concerned God is a woman. I don’t want to be coarse, but I arrived at that conclusion when I was having a pee. I know you probably won’t agree with me but as Sherlock Holmes once said, "When all other reasonable conclusions have been eliminated, the one remaining, however ridiculous, has to be true". I’m a peaceful person, anxious to avoid conflict, so I’ve developed a fairly good aim with the toilet seat down. I’ve been accused, sometimes, of having a faulty aim but that has been fixed by having a fly engraved on the back of the porcelain drain. Sort of an "aiming" point like a gun target. I also have one of those suction toilets that go "whoosh" when you hit the lever due to a constipation problem. Anyway, I was staring at the toilet rim and it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. Let me explain. In one of my postings I said that God is just like the rest of us in as much as she isn’t interested in doing a lot of work. If you are a man with a significant other you will readily grasp this concept. She uses a basic template which may have different names depending on where it is found and its’ function. For instance, I’ve always been fascinated by astronomy. Astronomy has lots of interesting aspects to it, but the relevant one for this story is the part about us living in a galaxy. A galaxy is chock full of planets, suns and other interesting stuff like asteroids etc.. that travel in a trajectory around the Galaxy as well as orbiting around themselves. The most fascinating thing is that a Galaxy is held together by a gigantic Black Hole that consumes anything it can get its’ itty bitty little hands on just like a toilet bowl. So when you think about it our little earth is resting on a toilet rim ready to roll off at any moment if it gets too close to the Black Hole. In other words you and I are one flush away from a cosmic drain!! Ipso facto, God has got to be a woman because no man has ever had a fixation about cleaning!!!!

Alex said...

We all live in patterns or frames. The most common pattern is the one that is called personality.