Monday, October 22, 2007

Statistics and Horoscopes

Statistics and horoscopes are the same kettle of fish. Both disciplines are an attempt to explain what is most likely to happen. We cannot read each other's mind so the next best thing is organizing our life experiences statistically or horoscopically so we have a reasonable chance of personal survival / understanding on a most likely to happen basis. Statistics and horoscopes are just a fancy way of putting observations / experience down on paper and trying to come to a conclusion. Horoscopes and statistics are just a method of relating our existence to our surroundings. Everything in life, in the pure sense, is statistically or horoscopically based because we don't have all the facts / can’t ever accumulate all the facts, and can't weigh our facts with any precision because none of us can accurately foresee the future on a minute by minute basis. As an example, at night, one half of the world is hanging upside down by their feet but intuitively we are all statistically and horoscopically confident that we know which way is up.

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