Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey, Don’t Forget!!!

Be happy, God never said it was a sin!!!

Don’t judge. You don’t know everything about the other person’s life.

Accept everyone. Everyone just wants to be liked, Sometimes they don’t know how. They have to start somewhere and the fickle finger of fate just handed you the can!!

Have fun. Really now, can you honestly take your / this life seriously????

Be nice. In case you don’t know, someone out there thinks you’re nice / loves you even though you’re completely weird!!! There’s no accounting for taste, fortunately!!!

Don’t get mad. You are slightly mad now so why make things worse???

Remember that people aren’t logical. How may stupid things have you done today that you’re embarrassed to explain to anyone????

Don’t forget life is a mystery. Well, you have to spend your time doing / figuring out something. Fun can get booooring tooooo!!!

Don’t forget yesterday is memory so only remember the good parts. Someone tried very hard to do their very best, but still screwed up!!! You may have picked up their torch to hand to someone else!!!

Don’t forget today is Slices Of Now. You can do something nice / worthwhile if you hurry!!!

Don’t forget tomorrow is a mystery. It’s all statistical. Go look up some statistical jokes and you’ll get the picture!!!


just a blow up doll said...

the beggingin of this reminds me very much of my blog entry "theory!"
people need to realize that you do only live one life at a time and you shoudl spend them being kind and loving. taking every day as an adventure and laughing along the day.

just a blow up doll said...

... oops