Monday, February 19, 2007

Life - Version 2

No matter how you slice / dice / express life it all comes down to these simply truths. God, not wanting to do any more work than you and I, has set up this universe so it is essentially self sustaining. God is available for questions, will be your friend and will mentor you providing you’re willing to do your part. It all involves energy and your ability to control it. Energy is the prime building material in this universe and if you know how to use it, physically speaking, you will be generally OK if we exclude random events. Energy comes in three forms. They are positive energy, negative energy and holes. Holes are no energy at all. We all know what it’s like when we get into a gigantic hole and need help getting ourselves out. Sometimes we think our way into a hole which doesn’t exist, except in our Mind. Mind likes fun. Mind creates thought, Thought creates illusion. Illusion creates reality. If you neglect Mind or allow your mind to diddle over the really unimportant stuff you’ve got a huge problem on your hands. We’ve all been there, done that at one time or another. Negative energy is the next big bugaboo. We all know about it. Frequently it starts out in various forms of "Woe is me." and if we really get good at "Woe is me" we can really, really, generate a lot of problems and if we’re particularly good at it, get all our friends involved and exhaust them toooooo!!!! So the only thing left is positive energy. Think positively. Thinking positively is tougher than you think. For instance, if you blame yourself, this is negative energy big time. Never, never, blame yourself. Don’t blame others either or circumstances because that just generates a lot of nasty negative energy. The solution I’ve found is to go to God and say:

"This is another fine mess you’ve got me in."

She and I have a good laugh and then I get back to my shovel and see if I can dig my way out of it. If I run into problems I say to God " Got any hints??????" Sometimes, she just lets me work my own way out of it in the hopes I permanently learn something for a change!!!!

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