Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Karma is similar to a trampoline that holds a blanket of energy, either light or dark. The energy, forming layers of attitude, within the trampoline frame can flex and by flexing bounces everyone else’s energy field. Your friends perceive your attitude in terms of energy patterns and make a decision to either help you or move away from you. God has designed us so that we detect energy patterns. If your energy pattern is normal, I see you as a friend / acquaintance / lover. Your intense / likable / feel good patterns tell me it is safe to be near you today. Our detection of energy patterns operates on the principle of Management By Exception. If your energy patterns don’t fit a normal pattern, I’m called upon to either accept them or move away from them. Energy patterns are the consequence of Thought. It’s the old thingy Mind creates Thought. Thought creates Illusion. Illusion creates Reality again. Mind is God within us. Thought, Illusion, Reality is the result of our taking God’s mind within us and trying to adapt it to our three dimensional world.

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