Thursday, February 01, 2007


Gravity is energy in the form of a Frame. The Gravity Frame is organized in energy layers and the energy layers flex which gives the illusion that people / objects have Mass, Weight or Charge. These energy layers function exactly like an electrical field in principle except in this case it is a Gravity Field. If energy is in the form of a Gravity Frame or Gravity Field it must have a mathematical value. I’ve arbitrarily chosen the figure EXP(-137) or 3.174358547 E -60 to represent energy mathematically in the form of a Gravity Frame or Gravity Wave. If gravity is in the form of energy layers within a frame then the frame and energy layers would distort when something passes through them similar to a magnetic field which oscillates or distorts but doesn’t physically move from that position when something passes through it. The Gravity Field would oscillate at a Frequency when something affected it either through movement or position. Rapid frequency oscillations of a Gravity Field would be seen by us as velocity or acceleration. If the object in the Field was stationary than the (particle or object charge) X the wave energy (EXP(-137) would appear to us as Weight, Mass or Charge. The object in the Field would appear to have Mass, Weight or Charge from our viewpoint because of the distortion created as the wave or plate flexed due to the presence of the particle mass / energy concentration. If the object / energy concentration moved it would distort the field. The nature of the distortion would give us the direction in which the object was moving. The field distortion would appear to us as velocity or acceleration if it’s velocity or direction was changing the Field over Time. The field distortion would be equivalent to Force in Newton’s equation:

Force = Mass X Acceleration.

Since Mass is really Energy and Acceleration is really the change in frequency of the Gravity Field then the formula could be rewritten as:

Force = (change in energy) X (change in frequency)


Force = d(energy) X d (frequency).

Inertia happens because there is a delay in changing the length, width and height requirements of the frame or field in our universe. Sufficient energy must be gathered before a change can take place. That is why perpetual motion is impossible under our present, known technology.


Vanathi said...

Maths, Physics...

Alex said...

As the Count said on Sesame Street, "This Universe Has Been Brought To You By The Number 3"

Jane said...

String Theory or the Big Bang?

Alex said...

Both!! I'm having problems accessing your blog which has something to do with this one. Are you moving to New York??? You don't have to tell me. Just curious as in Curious George. Remember him?????