Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Energy is the prime building material in this universe. It’s massless when still. When it moves it has kinetic energy or force. Energy, as a force, can roll itself into a clump and become a particle / object. You and I are essentially a clump of energy. If a clump of energy starts to move then part of the energy comes out of the clump and is used to move the clump around. If a clump of energy remains stationary, over time, that clump of energy will change because energy naturally flows out of the clump. If the energy flows out of the clump because the clump is deteriorating or if it is moving then this flowing out of energy forms a wave surrounding the clump of energy. Energy, in this form, resembles a series of parallel strings. The faster that a clump of energy travels the more it converts to a wave until at the speed of light it is a complete wave. That is why we say a clump of energy or anything in general cannot go faster than the speed of light because at the speed of light any clump of energy is completely converted into a wave. Therefore we can say that energy exists as a clump / charge up to the speed of light, and at the speed of light the former energy clump exists as a wave. That is why light, which is essentially a wave, always travels at the speed of l86,000 miles / hr. but has characteristics of both a particle and a wave. Over the speed of light energy converts completely into frames which have the characteristics of gravity, space and time. Gravity, space and time exist as frames below 186,000 miles / hr. because if they didn’t there would be no anything including you and I. Any energy in the form of a force or a clump tends to drag or distort gravity, space and time whether it spins or moves in a relatively straight line. If gravity, space or time didn’t distort then you and I couldn’t exist / move.

In summary, energy exists in three states:


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