Thursday, February 08, 2007


Frames fascinate me. A frame is just like a picture frame. Just imagine if everything in this universe including you and I were surrounded by a picture frame but we couldn’t see it. Our three picture frames in this universe are Space, Gravity, and Time. Space, Gravity and Time are constructed using different layered particles with different properties. These particle layers have the ability to flex but don’t move out of the way of energy in a random pattern. Energy is the prime building material in this universe. It’s massless when still. When it moves it has kinetic energy or force. It can clump and form particles with various properties. Space layers respond by flexing in the presence of the kinetic energy of massless energy when it moves and becomes a massless force. Gravity layers respond by flexing in the presence of moving massless energy which give the massless energy the illusion of having weight, mass and charge. Time layers hold living entities, particles, objects, processes, waves and charges in place. When the Time layer flexes it gives the illusion that Time passes at different speeds around living entities, particles, objects, processes, waves and charges. The universe is also expanding and as the Time Frame or Time Field has to expand as the universe expands then the energy must come from everything within the various Time Frames or Time Fields. This taking of energy from the Time Frame / Time Fields causes chaos or deterioration in the Time Field which we all have experienced in one way or another. Growing old or things deteriorating / falling apart are examples of this phenomena. Time therefore exists and can be felt in terms of what it does, but it cannot be seen as it doesn’t reflect light. Time, therefore, is our missing Dark Matter. Observers in different Time Frames see things happening in other Time Frames according to the conditions of their own Time Frames or Frames Of Reference. Things in the other Time Frames may be happening differently because of different things going on in that Frame Of Reference. The information carried to each observer in the different Time Frames would travel at the same velocity which is 186,000 mph.. The precise information carried between the Time Frames would be dependent on the conditions of the original Time Frame and what happened during the journey from one Time Frame to the other Time Frame. Time Frames are our undiscovered Dark Matter as they are physical in nature but aren’t affected by any known phenomena that can be measured. Dark Energy is the Energy that is pushing the Time Plates apart. We can, however, see both presence’s through the expansion of the universe.


shyloh said...

ALex, I lost all the info to that site. Can you mail it to me? PLease..

Alex said...

I sent it to Ricky (phonetically spelled). If it is the right site you know his full name. If I've guessed wrong let me know

Alex said...

After much frustration since I'm out of practice I've sent a message to all your known e-mails.