Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Women, God, Love, & Faith

One of the hardest things in this life is to deal with faith. You’re not going to get off this Vale of Tears with your soul in one piece without it. Faith is an abstract. You can’t see it, taste it, feel it, or even understand it. Faith is a journey. There’re no guarantees. You can’t even see what you’re getting if you choose the "faith" path. First of all you have to put your faith in something that you don’t understand and frequently it is associated with some abstract concept called "love". The 3 dimensional configuration on this earth is women. There are literally billions of them but which one is right for you??? Where is your Faith Goddess in this collection of false idols??? Heaven knows, there is a false idol for every situation that a man can dream up. Faith in God is a little different. There is only one God so that part is simple. The upside is while faith in God means his love is unconditional. The downside is that he wants you to do something for him in return. It sort of reminds me of a long dead TV program wherein the hero got someone out of his / her personal do do on the condition that he / she do something for the hero, once, sometime, no questions asked or protests made. Each episode involved the hero and someone whom he rescued in eons past that was called upon just once to help the hero rescue the latest unfortunate. God is similar. He needs someone to do something for him, sometimes, no questions asked or protests made. This means that Faith and Rose Gardens aren’t synonyms . God also works long term. God isn’t going to give you a long song and dance about the why’s and wherefore’s of your assigned task beyond setting up the events "To make it so". You can ask questions if you get confused. One of my frequent questions to God is "Are you sure you know what you are doing???"

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Jane said...

so does God believe in Women's rights? lets hope he does so he can tell our darling president.... Does God believe in Gay marriage? Really does he believe in it? or do we put words in his mouth? I believe he commands nothing from us and then just watches us at this rate go down hill