Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Learning How To Be Successful

In my blog "Daddy’s Advice" I mentioned that dear old dad said "If you want to be successful, study someone who is successful." After looking around I decided that the only truly successful long term person was God. God is approachable through prayer. Unfortunately, most of us only use prayer when we are in deep personal do do. If we aren’t in deep personal do do, then we use prayer to ask God to give us something that we really don’t need such as a new car or help winning the lottery. God is like everyone else, he’s not interested in giving you something for nothing unless it is going to teach you a valuable lesson like don’t do that sort of thing. God is willing to listen to you, providing you are willing to listen to him. God is something like your parents, he is not going to give you an immediate answer. God sometimes doesn’t give a verbal answer which is equivalent to your parent’s unspoken "No" so don’t get all whiny about it. God teaches us to listen. Sometimes God’s answer comes through a casual conversation with another person. Of course, people say a lot of things to you, so you have to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Sometimes, God starts a series of events which will take you to your goal providing you’re paying enough attention to get on board. Sometimes this series of events starts long after you have given up waiting for whatever you thought was important at the time. It is important therefore to pay attention as well as listen. Sometimes in your life, things get a little confusing, so God might just let you know he is looking after you. Sort of call you up to see how you’re doing. God tends to look after you when you do something stupid and arranges events to get you out of trouble. All this, of course, demands that you be basically trainable and constantly listening, thinking, observing and evaluating the day’s events. Does this sound vaguely familiar?????

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