Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Got thinking about soulmates again. In our 3 dimensional existence people come as enemies, acquaintances and friends. Enemies are people that don’t like you for some reason. Enemies are people that are hard to spot. Their reasons for not liking you don’t have to be rational. Maybe you remind them of someone they had to put up with.
Acquaintances are those people that respond to you with the personality of a brick wall. In fact, when you think about it, a brick wall has more personality. Hell, maybe that’s why you want to change your house wall to stucco. Friends are a bit harder to define. Mostly, friends are people you like, but not known well enough to spill your guts to. On the other hand, sometimes you have a friend to whom you are willing to reveal everything. A really, really, good friend can be mistaken for a soulmate if you aren’t careful. Soulmates are a different kettle of fish. Soulmates involve the soul. Souls are timeless and according to some philosophies / religions , go on forever. There can be young souls and old souls. At some time in the process of body creation a soul becomes part of our 3 dimensional being. Due to the foufou in your 3 dimensional life sometimes your soul bears no resemblance to what most people recognize in you 3 dimensionally speaking. This is why I find it somewhat amusing here in the ‘hood that some people think a 10 minute date masquerading as an interview in which you "reveal" yourself will find you a soulmate. Jeez, you can’t even find a good employee in 10 minutes!! My observation is there are several soulmates for each of us. One soulmate you will marry and other soulmates will add something vital to our life. The "rub" to misquote Shakespeare is to find them. A soulmate usually comes into your life when your brain is in neutral, your 3 dimensional persona is idling, and your soul is emoting. So the operative words are disconnect, chill , emote.!!!

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Jane said...

those friends masquerading as soulmates are tough- espacially when you're in need for one... I liked the metaphor as an enemy to the brick wall- more personality interesting how we are continually drawn to people we swear we hate yet we like to watch them as much as we like to watch ones we love.... At least that's what I've notioed.... Can't ever trust friends with deep things, might as well trust the enemies...