Thursday, November 04, 2004

God Ain’t Never Promised A Rose Garden Down Here

I got to thinking about Lions and Tigers this morning. A lot of Christians got ate by those things during Roman Entertainment Day in ancient times. One of the popular tenets / advertisements of Christianity is that if you accept Christ into your life you get the equivalent of a Rose Garden. What the Brothers and Sisters forgot to mention is that the Rose Garden is reserved for the Soul and not for our 3 dimensional existence. Oh sure, there are a few Christians that accepted God and seem to be doing quite well for themselves but the majority of us Christians have to do the grunt work down here first. Most of us are just Privates in God’s Army. It’s quite fascinating to me that God only wrote one thing down and that is the 10 Commandments. I personally have written scads of stuff, however, God and I have one thing in common. People generally ignore the 10 Commandments and people generally ignore the scads of stuff I write. It is all very depressing for the both of us. God had to send the Flood to clean up the mess. I’ve been told that I have to clean up my own mess. Sometimes I’ve even had a bit of a flood. If you believe in God then Jesus is part of the package. Jesus doesn’t appear to have written anything down including crib notes for his speeches. Maybe God dictated the speech to Jesus as Jesus made the speech. Sort of an early version of lip synching. The people, excluding the disciples, wrote their chapters 100’s of years after Jesus’ death. Their writings often reflected the social problems / culture of the period and their solutions were written invoking Jesus’ name and prestige. Sort of reminds me of politics. You’d kind of think that God doesn’t care. On the other hand, God isn’t stupid contrary to popular thought. Your 3 dimensional eyeballed existence is going to end someday and we all get to stand in front of God. I have a recurring dream that God opens my Life Book and after reading my total life’s accomplishments in ½ a page, looks me in the eye (or the soul equivalent) and says: "Geez you were a major screw up and you don’t listen either!!"


HSwink said...

Hello Alex, thanks for the comment. It was a good idea that you had...but since Joseph is one of the hardest people to persuade your side of the story to, it isn't working. I'm dying here, though. I called him today and left a message but he never called back. I don't want to "bother" him or whatever. Since he was not only my boyfriend, but my best friend too, it is even harder to just sit back and pretend we can just be friends from now on. He seems to be okay, which kills me even more...this whole situation has brought out a very mature side of him. It makes me want him even more. This is a big heartbreak...dunno what Im gonna do. Thanks for the idea though...

Mark Daniels said...

First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment there.

Specific to your post, "God Ain't Never Promised a Rose Garden Down Here,' I'm very thankful that our entry into heaven isn't based on our performance in this life. It's based solely on the free gifts of forgiveness and eternal life that God grants to all with faith in Jesus Christ. I'd be sunk otherwise!

I think that you're also right-on target saying that faith in Jesus Christ is no exemption from suffering.

God bless you!