Saturday, November 06, 2004

Morality = Faith = Mother’s Values

I thought it was interesting that most people have concluded that Bush won the election based on "morality". I don’t think that morality had anything to do with it except in the peripheral sense. I’m inclined to believe that the election was won because 9/11 generated a crisis of confidence in the American Psyche that has yet to be psychologically recognized. Let’s face it, when something physically / psychologically happens it usually scares the bejabbers out of you, and the next thing you know you are returning to something loosely summarized as Faith. Nations are no different. Bush linked morality to your mother’s down home values. Kerry didn’t and Kerry lost. Faith doesn’t automatically resolve things like the deficit, the Israeli Palestine conflict, or the North Korean nuclear problem. Most people want to take the simple route by asking / demanding through prayer that God takes ownership of the problem. I don’t think that God is going to take ownership of the problem in this instance because he gave us the brains to solve the problem. God may be open for questions should we need advice. God also gave our nation the means to accomplish the task. So quit whining and get a grip!!

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