Friday, January 05, 2007


Time is an energy force in the form of a plate or wave since it seems to exist everywhere at once. If Time exists it must have a mathematical value. The question arises as to what number did God use to build the Time Force / Plate / Wave????? There is no requirement that a Time Plate / Wave be stable because if it were stable there would be no chaos and no progress. The universe cycles through order, chaos, and restoration. Order is based on the number 3. Chaos to restoration is based on the Natural Logarithm "e" which has a base of 2.7182818 or almost "3" (2.7). Pi, with its’ value of 3.141592654, represents the beginning of chaos since it is slightly more than 3 (3.14). Now what exponential did God use for "e"???? Well if we look at how God has organized Primes we will find that she has 1, 3, 7, 9 in the first column if they are, in fact, Primes.. Furthermore God has the Fine Structure Constant as slightly off 137 (137.035991) or about ( 1/137). The numbers (1, 3, 7) are in the first column of Primes along with the number 9 (1, 3, 7, 9). I suspect that God used (1/137) as the exponential for "e" (EXP (-137) or 3.174358547 E -60 for Gravity as a hint for us because excluding the exponential (E -60), you will see (3.174358547) is slightly more than 3 and Gravity has everything to do with the 3rd dimension. That leaves 1, 3, 9 and EXP(-139) is (4.296027131 E -61). Excluding the exponential (E-61), you will see that (4.296027131) is slightly more than 4 (4.29). Time is the 4th dimension and hence God has given us another hint. If Time is in the form of a wave or plate then there are layers of plates which constitute a Time Frame or a Time Field. The Time Frame or Time Field holds everything including objects / particles / events / processes / space/ energy on its’ surface. These things are constantly moving and changing which flexes the Time Plate creating a Time Wave. These constant changes cause things to cycle through order, chaos and restoration. When something cycles through order, chaos, restoration the restoration part is not as complete as it was in the beginning of the cycle. This phenomena is popularly know as the butterfly effect and the missing energy is used to expand the universe. This taking of energy from the Time Plate surface causes chaos or deterioration which we all have experienced in one way or another. Growing old is an example of this phenomena. Events, processes, and other non - physical things change at different times in the Time Frame or in the Time Field because they are anchored with different strengths (Time Strength X EXP(-139) = Time Length). There is also a phenomena called Time Bending which affects physical entities that have mass or weight. The formula for Time Bending in this case is Particle Mass X EXP(-139).

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