Thursday, January 25, 2007


The ego tends to get a bad rap. It is a highly specialized mechanism. The ego has no spiritual / social component. Ego is our automatic mechanism for survival in 3 dimensions plus Time. It simply reacts to threats coming in because ego is designed for survival. Ego has no memory so it cannot modify its’ response in terms of what worked or didn’t work previously. Ego is simply a forward looking. all or nothing, mechanism that responds to all incoming missiles for lack of a better analogy. Ego is self actualizing because if the threat is real there is no prolonged "thinking" time. Ego was essential for survival in more primitive times because there was no safety net and everyone was living under threats. Even in your clan everyone fought for dominance which meant that ego was continuously activated. We see the same mechanism in animals which, generally speaking, have primitive social structures for establishing dominance. No civilized voting here. Dominance in the animal world is simply based on physical strength / native cunning because forging for food is the operative task next to improving your clan’s chances through reproduction for survival. We see the same principle operating in some aggressive people today. The yang component is karma. Karma is the spiritual element that resides outside the three dimensions plus Time. Karma is ego’s brake that responds by instigating events proportional to the results of ego’s unthinking response to perceived threats, whether they actually existed or not. Looking back on my life, I accidentally stumbled across how the system worked. I tended to let people walk all over me even though I have a steel spine. Somewhere along the line I developed a relationship with God. I then discovered that God didn’t take kindly to the way some people treated me and she took steps using karma to straighten them out without any reference to me in particular; years later. Sometimes I heard about it and sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes, God did nothing because she drafted that person for other purposes. Such is one of the mysteries of life!!!!!

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