Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Time - Version 3

Time is energy in the form of a Frame. Everything within a Time Frame is composed of energy in the form of clumps (living entities / particles / objects) or waves. The Time Frame is organized in energy layers and the energy layers flex which gives the illusion that Time passes at different speeds around an energy clump or wave. These energy layers function exactly like an electrical field in principle except in this case it is a Time Field. If energy is in the form of a Time Frame or Time Field it must have a mathematical value. I’ve arbitrarily chosen the figure EXP(-139) or 4.296027131 E -61 to represent energy mathematically in the form of a Time Frame or Time Wave. The universe is also expanding and as the Time Frame or Time Field has to expand as the universe expands then the energy must come from everything within the various Time Frames or Time Fields. This taking of energy from the Time Frame / Time Fields causes chaos or deterioration in the Time Field which we all have experienced in one way or another. Growing old or things deteriorating is an example of this phenomena. Time therefore exists and can be felt in terms of what it does, but it cannot be seen as it doesn’t reflect light. Time, therefore, is our missing Dark Matter. Observers in different Time Frames see things happening in other Time Frames according to the conditions of their own Time Frames or Frames Of Reference. Things in the other Time Frames may be happening differently because of different things going on in that Frame Of Reference. The information carried to each observer in the different Time Frames would travel at the same velocity which is 186,000 mph.. The precise information carried between the Time Frames would be dependent on the conditions of the original Time Frame and what happened during the journey from one Time Frame to the other Time Frame. Time Frames are our undiscovered Dark Matter as they are physical in nature but aren’t affected by any known phenomena that can be measured. Dark Energy is the Energy that is pushing the Time Plates apart. We can, however, see both presence’s through the expansion of the universe.

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