Saturday, August 20, 2005

Time Strings

We normally think of Time as something that marks the beginning, duration and the end of something. A Time String is a dimensionless form of energy which holds particles, energy and processes together in a 3 dimensional world. A Time String permits you and I to exist together in the same universe. The Time String also extends from our universe into other universes. In this mode, it attracts events, usually in groups of 3 over relatively short periods of Time. If you and I didn’t exist in a world held together by Time Strings then we would each exist alone. The Time Strings, carrying particles, energy and processes interact with other Time Strings to form waves. Time Strings in the form of waves flow in an outward direction expanding this universe as it drags everything in this universe with it. Time, as a wave, needs energy to expand which it takes from the individual Strings holding other particles, energy and processes together. This means that the expanding Time Wave has the ability to tear everything apart causing it to deteriorate, grow old, stop working, fall apart or fall off.

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everythingisart said...

I really enjoy your blog- very intelligent and well written