Thursday, August 25, 2005

May Be

Life is nothing but a big "may be", but it is a big "maybe" whether we "may" sit on our duffs or get out and "be". Whether we like it or not, as in we can’t do anything about it, we all live in a universe in which randomness, order, and chaos are trying to get the upper hand in our lives. Randomness is the antithesis of Free Will. There are plenty of examples in history, such as war, where someone choose to exercise their "Free Will" which started a series of seemingly random events that lead to unforeseen events which is summarized in "The Law Of Unforeseen Consequences". Order is perhaps the most important aspect of our lives. We’re forever cleaning up after something or getting organized to do something. We get some help from the "Law Of Threes" which states that: "Everything, including events, tends to stabilize around the prime number 3." In previous posts I have tried to show that mathematics clusters around the number 9 which is just an exotic form of 3 as in (3 X 3 = 9). Chaos has the last laugh. Everything tends to fall apart. We all age, we all tend to disintegrate as in getting sick, injured or what have you. Everyone’s life is essentially the same in principle, even though our individual adventures and burdens may be different. When you go out the door, deciding to walk or take the bus randomness could change your life. Maybe a car will jump the curb and kill you. Maybe you'll get on the bus and glance around and you'll meet the eyes of someone else whom you cannot help but talk to, and you'll fall in love. All that - two life-altering situations - all because of a simple choice of how to reach your destination. Randomness, order and chaos forces you to live your life. Randomness, order and chaos are equal opportunity aggravations . You can sit there, moan and groan and still get it on the chin or you can get out and do something, anything, experiment for God’s sake. Life is meant to be lived. If you're not happy where you are, change it. Whether you've got the money to get out of there comfortably, or you've got to work odd jobs along the way to keep yourself going, go for your dreams. Sure randomness, order and chaos will be your traveling companions but don’t forget the Fickle Finger Of Fate may give you your dream. If it means staying where you are and changing jobs, or leaving the country or continent, do it. Randomness, order and chaos may delay you but they aren’t going to stop you. You've got to pick yourself up and keep going no matter what and plant yourself where you want to be - where you need to be. Then, and only then, will you be happy or at least, if nothing else, happier than you were before. So, if you find yourself on the roof of a tall building standing on the parapet, wondering if your greatest gift to civilization or what passes for it is to jump, just remember that most of us have been there done that if only in our imaginations because we lacked your guts to jump before our journey was completed!!


everythingisart said...

Hmm what an interesting post. I really like this, its brings up many excellent points. Life is so complex to me, I get dizzy trying to figure it out. I finally came to the conclusion that you can't ever completely figure Life out, there are too many aspects of it. But I like your thoughts on it. I found it very empowering, live life today because you don't know whats going to happen tomorrow. It makes sense.

Jane said...

I always feel very Tom Sawyer-ish when I think about suicide. Maybe... but I'd like to be there to see what comes after - and as we know it that is impossible. It makes me sad that anyone would want to cut their journey short but then I think maybe they had completed their journey - the questions, the questions, it could drive you insane ;)

timeintotime said...

“Everyone’s life is essentially the same in principle…” We all have to inhale and exhale. We all have to intake sustenance and at some point evacuate it. We all age as you say and ultimately die. I’d agree that there are some basic commonalities between us as human beings. Many of them we have in common with other mammals and other species. I suppose if we reduce what is human to those fundamentals then a degree of sameness is observable. But as you also mention, “our individual adventures and burdens may be different.” If we start to consider what characterises us and distinguishes us as a species, our creative capacity for example, then not only do we differ greatly from other species, but we differ greatly from one another as well. I’m not sure which is more of a principle, defecation or creation. The one makes us all very similar, the other all very different.