Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Right Stuff

How do you know that your potential soulmate / significant other has the right stuff??? You think that you’ve found your soulmate /significant other but how can you be sure??? Can / will this potential life partner have the where withal to go the distance?? He / she seems to meet all your friend’s external criteria as far as "What’s ‘right’ for you. You read somewhere that true love comes from the soul. The vaguely recalled article said that your soulmate would rather sacrifice himself / herself for your success / happiness then worry excessively about his / her wants and needs. Your potential soulmate probably appears to be a Wuz because he / she isn’t controlling / intimidating or appears to be excessively concerned about their career, clothing or in some cases personal hygiene. He / she leaves the major decisions up to you. He / she is always quite agreeable with what you decide. You find all this stuff very off putting but in the dark of night just before the clock strikes 12:00 midnight you realize that you like it in spite of his / her wuzzy personality. If you still don’t believe your good luck, here are some 3 tests:

Take dancing lessons with your soulmate. If you are still speaking after the lessons you are in love.

Renovate a house. If you are still speaking after the decisions on decorating / room design / negligent / incompetent / non showing contractors then you are in love.

Live with your potential soulmates / significant other’s relatives in as small a room as possible. If done properly you will find that your potential soulmate / significant other will revert to small child behaviour in front of his parents. It is essential that the experiment be reversed. You and your significant / potential soulmate live in a small room with your parents. You will find that you too will revert to small child behaviour in front of your parents.

If you can still stand each other, you are in love, my friend!!!!

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Jane said...

Entertaining and insightful as always Alex, is the muse coming back?