Sunday, August 21, 2005

Intelligent Design and Creationism

There is a debate going on in some parts of the world about intelligent design and creationism. Creationism or creation science promotes the idea that there is scientific evidence to validate the biblical story. Who knows for sure?? In those days few people could read or write with the result that most information was conveyed in the form of stories or song which began to suffer from inaccuracies the longer the stories and songs were repeated. In addition, you had the problem that people’s grasp of science was more in the magic area than in scientific thought. Intelligent Design promotes the idea that the complexity of nature is such that strictly random forces didn’t have the sophistication to produce human development. I don’t think the two views are necessary incompatible. It may be that God originally created man and woman and placed them in the equivalent of a Garden of Eden but something went wrong. The essence of the story then came down in all beliefs and religions in terms that the people could intuitively grasp. I’m a believer in Intelligent Design. While this universe is a mixture of randomness, order and chaos, it seems to me that someone had to set up the underlining process so randomness, order and chaos could function with reasonable efficiency. God, for lack of a better word, seems to have organized this world using the number 3. My previous posts have tried to articulate this argument in various forms. Without boring the hell out of you, you have:

Particles, energy, processes linked by a Time String.

Events such as deaths occurring in groups of 3

Length, width and height - 3 dimensions.

Natural clustering in groups of 3’s.

Prime Numbers connected to logarithms based on 9 (3 X 3 = 9)

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