Saturday, August 21, 2004

Life & / Or Success Needs Lies To Function

Would society cease to function if the truth was known to everyone?? Mothers exhort their children to tell the truth . Children are generally punished if they don’t tell the truth. There once was a line in a movie in which the character says: "You can’t handle the truth!!". It is safe to tell the truth if it can be verified as in "Did you cut the grass?". Adults don’t tell the truth about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. Since children have absolute faith in their parents does this simple untruth in the guise of tradition subtly teach the child it is okay to lie if it makes people happy?? Most people can’t see their true future in specific terms. If you knew the date, time, and hour you were going to die would you be willing to follow tomorrow’s future events ?? Highly unlikely!! Society, in general, and relationships in particular can’t function in an orderly and efficient manner without lies. Our economy would wither if everyone knew the truth as in "This product is a clunker" and "This stock is destined for the financial toilet". Mankind can only function if lies are told and / or believed. That is the reason that whoever / whatever designed this universe wisely limited our mind to stereotypical thinking based on statistical analysis. Obviously working / looking outside the box is a non starter in spite of its’ perceived popularity in management circles . Our brain works on the principle of pattern analysis or management by exception. If you walk down the street you automatically notice the person that is not conforming to standards whether it be in the physical or mental realm. When you ask someone "How are you today" you want a patterned answer like "Fine" or "OK". You don’t want them to tell the truth and say something like "My wife just left me." "My seven children are on drugs" and "I need $1,000 or my bookie will kill me before 5:00 p.m.." The key to a successful marriage to a reasonably functioning individual is a stereotypical / patterned response to all questions. For instance you always say they are fashionable / handsome, have impeccable taste and have always been the most important thing to you since sliced bread. If you want career success you have to suck up (lie) to your superiors. Your superior is not interested in being reminded of a crappie decision (truth) or his management skills were learned from Vlad The Impaler (truth again). Truth would also lead to mass starvation. If everyone knew the truth about someone they wouldn’t be able to make any money as they either wouldn’t be hired or alternately would be locked up as a future menace to society!! Therefore, it is easily seen that lies and hopefully still bigger, believable lies are essential for true and continuing success!!

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It's DANYA, Damnit! said...

"Would society cease to function if the truth was known to everyone??"

Of course it would. Are you mad? Ignorance is truly bliss. The moment you begin to be cognizant of even 5% of what actually goes on in the world on a perpetually present basis, you have every reason to be terribly, terribly depressed.

Or, terribly, terribly motivated. It depends on how Herculean your visions for influencing the world actually are...